Green American Kitchen Cabinet

Yeşil Amerikan Mutfak Dolabı


Khaki is a color that is often used by armies and reminds of military uniforms when it first comes to mind. The color khaki is also called the earth tones of green and it appears almost everywhere.

The color khaki, which is a matte color, means right, earth in Arabic. Khaki green, on the other hand, is a perfect color in harmony with nature. Using khaki green in decoration makes the living space comfortable. Green has a completely different power, and khaki green, which is among its tones and even the most popular, is a frequently preferred color in decoration.

Most of us love the color green. The underlying reason for this is our need for balance and harmony.

Almost any shade of green creates an emotionally positive effect. Khaki green educates our emotions. It is a natural peacemaker.

 One of the most beautiful colors that nature has given us is green. Each tone has a different meaning and a different beauty in it. So, to what extent do we benefit from these inspiring colors and tones in home decoration?

 Country Kitchen offers this color to your liking. By using green in kitchen cabinets with a special design outside of the standard, we both add color to your life and go beyond the mold.